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This is how you'll get attention on YouTube!

Ready to reach the video watching world? We are here to help. Creating ads for Youtube can sound like an overwhelming process when you don’t know where to even begin. However, do keep in mind that as long as you formulate a plan, things will be easy as pie. The ultimate goal is to keep everything short yet fulfilling, showing the best of your company in a few seconds. There are many different strategies, as well as important things to keep in mind along the way. The best way to get started is to categorize these ideas. Having awesome Youtube ad content can be easy and simplistic. Just remember timing, audience, brand, and setting specifics.

Cat Piano White Board Animation

Before we get started with the gritty details, just remember to keep it human! It is totally fine to have conversational language, silly metaphors, and pop culture references in your commercial. This isn’t a scientific study, this is a quick and relatable chance for possible customers to get to know you. Even if your business withholds very professional standards, it is possible to be both professional and comfortable with clients. Put your best (and most importantly most authentic) self forward.

One of the most important aspects of creating ads for youtube is keeping the audience in mind. Even when including certain details that might relate to your demographic more than others, this simply is not enough for giant outlets like Youtube. Youtube is a platform that is used by people all over the world of different nationalities, interests, and ages. The only way to truly profit or see a positive result from your ad is to target specifically and carefully during the creation process all the way until the upload of your video. Youtube as a platform is used by more 18-49 year olds than any cable network in the United States. This being said, formulate your ad with the knowledge that your target audience might already be “searching for you”.

Another important aspect of ads and timing specifically is when you introduce yourself. Think of it like an interview. Tell them your name, and a little bit about yourself (maybe not that boring). It is important to get your business’s name and key advantages explained early on in the ad. Do this within the first couple seconds of the ad! This is VITAL to keeping the viewers engaged with your ad. Without this, you lead your audience on to a point that could get them very frustrated. Sometimes a guessing game can be fun, but on Youtube viewers really don’t have time for that.

Continue to make the researching process for your viewers as easy as possible. A great way to accomplish this is by using CTAs at the end of all of your ads. What is a CTA you may ask? Call To Action or CTA is the usage of a quick entryway for viewers to be able to take action as soon as they take an interest in a business after an ad. By utilizing this, viewers who may have stumbled upon your company within an ad don’t have to click out and waste time trying to find your content. Plus, CTAs can help keep viewers “in the loop” of all your content easily and smoothly. CTAs can be used after ads, and even after full length videos. CTA would fall under the category of setting specifics.

An effective way to draw in an audience is through picking an extravagant thumb nail. Think of a thumb nail as one of your business’s biggest, most easily accessible first impressions. It may not represent you perfectly or fully, but it should be an attention grabber and be crisp and clean. Work with your animators, illustrators, or whomever is in charge of creating your production in order to pick a juicy thumbnail. Consider your thumbnail a big part of representing your brand.

Timing is everything regarding Youtube ads. If the ad is too short and not structured well, your viewers will take nothing from the watching experience. If the ad is too long and complex, more than likely viewers will click out quickly and be turned off by your brand. The ad should not be longer than 45 seconds in total. Keep in mind that longer tends to be more of an issue than shorter. Long, tedious ads or commercials leave a bad taste in the mouth. Efficiency and clarity are key to making an incredible ad that will keep customers coming.

Altogether, making a quality Youtube ad shouldn’t bring you and your team too much stress. As long as the needs of your ad are categorized and every area is covered you should be good to go. Make sure to use lots of creativity, happy tubing!


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