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hi there, we're white animation

making whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

We believe in fresh starts and blank slates - literally. That’s how we approach every project, even before we started making whiteboard animation videos.

An eclectic team of artists, designers, and techies, we’re passionate about visual storytelling that’s fresh and one of a kind. We see every complex concept and message as an opportunity—to distill it into a simple story that people of all shapes, colors, and sizes can understand and enjoy, even if it involves a serious or weighty topic.


We launched White Animation after many years of creating impactful videos - live action, animation, and whiteboard animation - for influential brands worldwide. Since then, we’ve become the leading studio for custom-made whiteboard animation videos for organizations of all sizes and in all industries, including high-tech, medicine, manufacturing, nonprofits, and much more.


We provide completely customized end-to-end service, from concept development and script writing to creation of original illustrations paired with voiceover and, finally, animation. We work closely with our clients to develop a meaningful concept and produce tailored videos that spread messages and stories that make waves.

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