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Video creation is often a long and tedious process. Not so with White Animation. Our team makes it simple and completely painless, we promise. 


We work closely with you, guiding you step by step through our unique process, which consists of three stages: concept development, illustration, and animation. 


Every Whiteboard Animation video gets the special touch of between six and eight team members, all of them creative experts, each responsible for a distinct portion. 


Want to learn more? Scroll down to see the breakdown of our process. 

brief meeting

We schedule a conversation and explore, together with you, the purpose and goals of your video, your organization’s unique needs, and your target audience. We ask all the right questions to distill your message and set you up for the most impactful video. 

Meeting whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta


Script Writing whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

script writing

We turn your message and details into a great, captivating story. We tailor it to the format of whiteboard animation and customize the tone—serious or funny, professional or playful, for example—to make sure it drives action.  


Illustrationg whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

design and illustrations

With our hand-drawn illustrations, the sky’s the limit, and a picture is worth not 1,000 words, but 10,000. Our customized designs make complex messages simple and impactful—and make you go “Wow.”

Sound Design whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta
Recoding Voice Over whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta


You pick the language, accent, and tone, and we’ll present you with several professional voiceover artists to choose from. We make sure that the voiceover is perfectly matched to the tone and style of the video.


This is where the magic happens. The illustrations come alive, the text appears exactly where and when it needs to, and all the moving pieces come together as one.

sound design

Once you’ve seen and approved the animation, we put the cherry on top: music and sound effects that give your views a well-rounded, unforgettable video experience.

Animating whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

sound and animation

Deliver email whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

the grand debut

Ta-da! Your one-of-a-kind video is ready, and your amazing story is ready to be shared with the world! We send you the video in your preferred format, add subtitles if you need them, and help you upload and share it for the most impact.

sound and animation

frequently asked questions

how long does it take to make a whiteboard animation video?

Production time varies for each video, depending on complexity, length, and, of course, your availability to respond and give feedback. We adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs and can often meet tight schedules. Nevertheless, most whiteboard animation videos are ready about 5 to 6 weeks after you approve the script.


how fast can a video be produced?

Trust us, we’re fast. But quality is just as important to us as speed, and good things come to those who wait. Our shortest turnaround time is about 3 weeks from the time the script is ready. Keep in mind that additional charges may apply for rush projects.


are your illustrations custom made?

Absolutely. Behind every video is a team of about 7 people, including an illustrator who creates unique images just for your video. We don’t have image or illustration databases—we adapt our work to your needs and goals, including tailoring our style to your company or organization’s visual language.

who writes the script?

We do. Script writing is the most important step in video production, so we spend a lot of time developing the concept and creating the script. We know how to ask the right questions, zero in on the right information, and refine the material to create a video that makes an impact and meets your goals.


I already have a script, can I use it?

Sometimes our customers know exactly what they’re looking for and even get a head start on it. If that’s you, you can send us your script, and our creative team will review it to make sure that it makes sense for the video you have in mind.


which voiceover artists do you work with?

We have a broad network of professional voiceover artists who work in different languages, different accents, and of course different styles. You get to choose the best one for your project, whether you’re looking for something playful, explanatory, light, or formal.


who owns the rights to the video?

Once your video is done, it’s all yours, and you can play and share it anywhere you want (except on TV or at a movie theater—additional rights and a surcharge applies for those). Keep in mind that the rights are only for the entire video, so you can’t use static images or parts of the video in other media.


how much does a whiteboard animation video cost?

Since every project differs, costs vary based on length, the complexity of the animation, and other factors. But we know how frustrating it is to be left hanging on pricing issues, so we’ll tell you that prices usually start around $3,500 per video.


do you make videos in languages ​​other than English?

Bring it on! We’ve made videos in French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Hebrew, and Russian. We work with screenwriters and translators in various languages, so we can definitely find the right option for you. And we can always add subtitles in a variety of languages ​​for each film.


who’s going to be working on my video?

The White Animation team consists of artists, illustrators, and tech people who come together to tell your story in the most engaging and impactful way. Read more about us here.


what does the video-making process entail?

Making a video can be complicated, but at White Animation we keep it simple. Our process consists of three main stages: concept development, illustration, and animation. Want to learn more? Read about the full process above.

how does payment work?

We like to keep payment just as simple and straightforward as video making. We take a 30% deposit up front at the beginning of each project. The rest is due when your video is done. We accept payment via bank transfer or by credit card (a surcharge of 3% applies for credit card payments).

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