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A Review from an Expert - How Does Animation Work?

A Review from an Expert Omri Roth Co-Founder and CEO

The following video shows in an almost perfect way what most studios and creators aim to provide to their clients: a video that holds real value but at the same time has a hidden marketing message under its surface. The movie begins with a clear question, hinting to the viewer what he should expect to learn by watching the video. The narrative takes the viewer on an clear and easy to follow journey that presents the different types of animation that are available whilst showing examples of them. The video is done in a humoristic way, communicating with the viewer at eye level. At the end of the video, the viewer will experience a number of things: 1. He learnt something new about animation that he didn't know before. 2. He is impressed by the animator's abilities and might wish to be part of a similar process. 3. He will share the movie with his friends and colleagues so that they too will be able to enjoy the video. In conclusion, quality marketing content is the exact opposite of marketing content- it is simply quality content that one will enjoy using, viewing and sharing. If you are producing content in a way that its users will enjoy it, your potential clients will most likely find their own way to you.


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