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recapping game of thrones

Recapping 67 chapters with a running time of almost 70 hours in under 3:30 minutes

was no stroll down the Dornish Water Gardens. This post will show you all the steps of the production of this animation.

This Unofficial recap of Game Of Thrones was created by the team of White Animation in order to provide a quick overview of everything you need to know before Season 8 begins.

In case you haven't watched our recap yet, click on the following video.

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first brainstorm

That is how we begun. We just wrote everything that happened in the previous seasons of Game of Thrones and that is relevant to the probably narrative of Season 8. We group the items by colors: Yellow for Characters, Pink for principles or ideas, Orange for "teams", Blue for important things that happened in Season 7 and Green for important things that happened in Seasons 1-6.

Game of Thrones recap Brainstorming
Game of thrones recap storyline


Once we had our big map of everything that happened we organised it in a coherent and easy-to-follow storyline. We chose to start from the last thing that happened in the last episode (Viserion breaking the wall) and then follow the different characters and their location in Westeros to pass from one story to another. We made sure that everything was connected and that all the important things were included.

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Illustrationg whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

design and illustrations

We worked hard, day and night, in order to draw the characters of the show in a familiar way so everyone who watched it can relate to. This is one of the critical steps on the production.

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Recoding Voice Over whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta


In parallel recorded the voice over with one of our voice over artists. We tried to find the ideal pace that is slow enough to understand but fast enough to make the story short and interesting.

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This is where the magic happens. The illustrations come alive and all the moving pieces come together as one. Animating the dragons was an important challenge.

Animating whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta
Sound Design whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

sound design

The sound effects make the experience more realistic, engaging and unforgettable. This is the last production stage and happens only when we are pleased with the previous steps.

Deliver email whiteboard animation videos by white animtion silueta

the grand debut

Once everything is ready and approved we published the video, and now we are sharing our excitement towards the final season with lots of viewers from all around the globe. If you like the video, share it and comment on it.

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